Why did we create the Wipe + Glow?

I was a self-confessed “cotton pad” addict. 

I was a connoisseur, I knew it was better to use the cheaper ones because they seemed to hold product better and glide across my face with ease. The firmer better-known brand seemed to require a lot more product and effort.

I know, I know, these days that is an absolute sin. Environment, waste, throwing away money. I get it and I am guilty. 

I don’t use single use coffee cups, I have a favourite water bottle that I refill always, I recycle and my wardrobe consists of a few outfits on constant rotation - I consider myself to be far from perfect in terms of sustainability and eco-consciousness, but I sure am “giving it a good go”.

But the cotton pads…. There was no need. They had to go.

I tried alternatives – muslin cloths, bamboo, reusable and more, but nothing came close. The alternatives were either scratchy, itchy, ate my product, made me red – shall I go on? 

So I went out on the search for the ultimate face wipe – and ladies – I have found it!  Wipe + Glow has changed my life.  I’ve used it now over 100 times and she is still in shape! It’s so soft it can even put a baby to sleep.  True.  I was knee deep watching Emily in Paris (reserve judgement please) when my 2 year old woke up crying – it was 9.10 pm – I needed a quick fix.  I ran to the bathroom grabbed a wipe + glow (dry and minus product) and started rubbing it on his arm.  It worked! I slyly walked out of the room with a huge smile on my face – see our products really are multi purpose!

Anyway – I could go on forever about it but I guess you just need to try it for yourself.  In case you’re wondering why it’s black – we tried the white – it discoloured really quickly.  I felt awful cleansing my face with a “what used to be white” wipe.  Yuck. 

A couple of pumps of your favourite micellar – a.k.a Cleanse + Glow ;) (trust me a couple of pumps is enough) then wipe all over your skin.  Imagine it’s a cotton pad.  Once you are clean, rinse your Wipe + Glow pad with some warm water (and soap if you want).  I throw mine in the wash bag once a week with the rest of the washing and that puffs them up and brings them back to life!  Make sure you hang them out to dry or they will get smelly!

Hope you love them as much as I do! 


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