Wipe + Glow


Wipe + Glow includes 3 face pads + 1 pretty cute washbag

Cleansing (twice a day) is the key to glowyness. This reusable wonder-wipe is the BFF to your 'Cleanse + Glow', your skin, and mama earth. 

This product is non toxic, reusable up to 200 times, super soft on delicate skin. It also works to reduce waste and save money. 

Add a couple of pumps of Cinch 'Cleanse + Glow' then gently wipe your face and eyes. Repeat and pat dry is necessary. We suggest hand washing your 'Wipe + Glow' with warm water and soap after each use. Use the handy tag to hang and dry. Machine and dryer safe. Avoid fabric softener. 

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