The Cinch Routine is for those who crave minimal bathroom time and maximum results. Our 2 step, 30 second routine gets you back to the glowiest version of you. If you want to step it up a notch, our multifunctional products come with some clever little Cinch Boosters. Take a look at these hot tips which are perfect for all skin types, leaving you with that epic post holiday glow - from the comfort of your bathroom! Step it up by grabbing all our products in a time saving, cost effective, 'The All-In Set' set.

Top up hydration during the day with ‘Spray + Glow'

If your skin is feeling parched or you’re simply the gal that’s obsessed with a 24/7 hydration then this clever booster is for you. Spritz your ‘Spray + Glow’ 30 - 40cm from your face and gently pat in those little glowy dots. Apply over make up or onto bare skin as a refresher. This top up is great in extreme weather or under air-conditioning / heating and suitable to all skin types.


Pat on Cheekbones for extra glow with ‘Pump + Glow’ or ‘Spray + Glow’

For the day you want to ditch the foundation and go all-out as all-you, this is the Cinch Booster for you. Best on a bare face, apply spray or cream onto two fingers and pat on cheekbones and the highest part of your face. Get ready for an au-natural-glow! Suitable for all skin types.


Mask with ‘Pump + Glow’.

This mini-mask-ritual is perfect for a little extra skin-TLC or a great skin-booster before a long lunch that may turn into an impromptu bar appearance. So, how to get this ultra-hyrating-super-glow? Pat a thick layer of cream all over the skin, leaving excess on - now enjoy a bath, scroll or wine (possibly all 3) and massage excess in after 5-10 minutes. You can rinse off but not necessary. Suitable for all skin types. 


Hand mixing spray with foundation

Transform your foundation with ‘Spray + Glow’.

This Cinch Booster is kind of a big deal - we’re allowed a humble-brag when it’s used by make-up royalty like Max May, Michael Brown and Brooke Low.  Here’s the hot-tip, transform your heavy or matt foundation into a dewy lightweight tinted moisturiser by adding a few spritzes of ’Spray + Glow’ to your foundation and mixing together before application. Suitable for all skin types.


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