Founder Renee pictured in between product imagery

At Cinch we want to keep things simple, but also keep it classy. That’s why we’ve created a fuss-free 2-step beauty routine with sophisticated  formulations and highly effective science-backed ingredients that will actually make a difference to your skin. 

But you want to know more right – that’s why you’re here?  Then meet the brains – and heart– of the Cinch brand, Renee Moore.

Renee spent 20 years in the beauty industry before having her son, and it was then she realised that despite the thousands of products available, there were none which spoke to her specific needs. She didn’t have time for complicated, 10-step skincare routines, what she needed was a minimalist beauty routine that delivered results. 

Driven by innovation and efficacy, she wanted her products to be uncomplicated to use, but effective in their formulations. The ingredients needed to be scientifically-backed with proven results, but the products needed to be multi-benefit, easy-to-use and inclusive. Enter: Cinch. 

Each product is designed to bring you more of what you want in your skincare: glow, hydration, anti-ageing benefits – and simplicity. But they also give back the most precious thing of all: time. Because skincare routines don’t need to be lengthy or complicated – they just need to work. Anyone who’s met Renee knows she’s passionate about creating change, building confidence, and making great skin accessible to everyone. And that’s precisely what Cinch does. Go forth and get the glow.