In our series, the GLOW GANG, we talk to inspiring women doing incredible things. It's a hub for everyone to tap into - it may resonate, inspire, encourage or give you the new perspective you didn't know you were looking for. 

Anna Weatherlake is a multi talented women. She's a incredible animal rights advocate, eco warrior, sustainable dweller, founder of Fanbase and co-founder of Váhy. She's also mum to 6 pooches. Talk about having her hands full. We're inspired daily by Anna's love and compassion for animals, as well as her drive to protect out planet. Anna is also a Cinch lover - so she ticks all the boxes for us!

We sat down (virtually, of course) with Anna to chat about her vegan lifestyle, as well as her million dollar smile, and her brand new vegan perfume brand. 

Hey Anna! Thanks for joining us today. Now you’re a passionate animal advocate. We’d love to hear when your journey to veganism started, and if you find any difficulties in living a very social, active vegan life?  

I am a lifelong vegetarian and went vegan 10 years ago - best decision I ever made. I have always loved animals and have a great passion for animal rights. I don’t eat them, wear them or exploit them in any way and feel strongly about living a life that causes as little harm to animals, our environment and our health as possible. Nowadays, it is so easy to live a happy, healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle. Whether it be the food you choose to consume or the purchases you choose to make, I believe we can all actively improve the lives of animals and the environment by making conscious, informed, compassionate decisions whenever and wherever possible. Every little bit counts.

Amazing. Such a powerful message. Now, you’re always glowing, with a giant smile on your face. What's the low down on your beauty routine?
I like to think of my beauty routine as quite low fuss! I like to use less products, with more results and try not to over complicate things. In the morning, I’m a splash my face with water gal before applying a serum. Through the day, I’ll wear tinted mineral CC cream some bronzer and highlighter. At night, I cleanse it all away with the Cinch Cleanse and Glow and apply a serum and a face oil - that will do me!
You recently released your brand, Váhy, which is all natural, 100% vegan, organic fragrances. We’d love to hear more about your journey to Váhy. And where we can buy, of course.
My business partner Kate Macdonald and I started the Vahy journey three and a half years ago, before launching in March this year, right at the same time Covid-19 launched in Australia. Wonderful! 
Váhy was founded as Kate and I both share a passion for exceptionally made products that are natural, organic and cruelty-free. While practicing as a corporate lawyer and considering labelling requirements for personal care products, Kate discovered the deceptive ways perfume brands hid the chemical ingredients contained in their products. These ingredients were either not disclosed or shielded by ambiguous terms like ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’. Pairing this knowledge with my passion for animal rights, Kate and I set on a journey to create Váhy and offer a luxurious, natural alternative to commercial perfumes.
After hundreds of scent iterations and tireless hours of ingredient and chemical research, six unique scents were formulated to create the genderless portfolio of Váhy perfumes. With fully transparent practices, Váhy products are refined in their composition and contemporary in their design and offer premium substitutes to synthetic perfumes that do not compromise on quality, sophistication of scent or style.
Kate and I founded Váhy with strong core values and with the aim of encouraging people to transition to a fragrance that is better for self, better for the animals and better for the environment. Through Váhy, we hope to educate and inspire people about the world of natural, organic fragrance and offer luxurious scents that people can trust. Currently, we are stocked online at and via select stockists around Australia and the US with some very exciting projects in the pipeline for the end of 2020 and early next year.
You can follow Anna on Instagram here
You can follow her brand, Váhy, here
You can shop her favourite Cleanse and Glow here.

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