The Physical and Mental Benefits of an Eco Spring Clean!

It’s September! Can you believe it? September means two things... Footy finals and spring cleaning! And no offence footy, but we are more interested in the cleaning part!

Yes of course, we are a little biased, but there are MANY benefits to tackling a Spring Clean. And not just for your home. If you are struggling with some motivation to get moving, our friends at Cove Cleaning  have kindly shared the physical and mental benefits of an Eco Spring Clean and provided a little discount code for you to use on their Starter Kits (you can find it at the end of this blog).

But first! Science!

There is a reason we clean more in Spring and it’s because of science. In the dark, cold, winter months, our bodies produce a thing called melatonin. This is a hormone that manages our sleep-wake cycle. With the increasing sunlight that we see at the beginning of Spring, our bodies produce less melatonin which gives us more energy. And more energy means more motivation…to get outside and exercise, to eat better and to clean!

Where did Spring Cleaning come from?

Where did Spring Cleaning come from and why do we do it?

There are many examples of seasonal cleaning in different cultures across the world. From the Persian New Year celebration, the Iranian Nowruz, where the beginning of Spring symbolises the start of a New Year. The tradition of ‘shaking the house’ was a way to start the New Year positively! Jewish Passover, where it was important to remove any chametz (leavened food stuffs) before the holiday. This meant families would deep clean their homes to ensure they were clear from even the tiniest little crumb!

It also had a more practical reason in colder climates too! Spring was usually the first time that houses could open their windows to help clear dust and soot from fireplaces as the weather was warmer.  This led to a tradition of airing homes and cleaning as soon as the weather allowed.

Nowadays, it has become a wider tradition across a larger range of cultures and countries. We also recognise the important benefits for our physical and mental health. And here are our top picks!

Improved Air Quality

Opening our windows and doors as part of a Spring Clean allows for fresh air flow which improves the air quality in our homes. Removing dust, grime and pollutants during a deep clean also helps improve what is circulating in our homes and our airways!

Improved Immune System

Linked to improved air quality, when we remove things like mould and dust, we can improve our immune system and reduce our risk of respiratory illnesses and allergies. If you suffer from seasonal hay-fever or allergies, Spring cleaning helps clear your home of pollen and reduces symptoms... A great way to keep our families healthy.

Improved Mental Health

We all know how satisfying it feels once you complete a big clean and that’s because it improves your mental health! Firstly, focusing on one task of cleaning helps us be present in a task and allows our brain not to focus on other things that may be troubling us. A clean home also helps us feel more in control of our environment, which can be reassuring when there are lot of other uncontrollable things around us (hello COVID-19).

Improved Sleep

When our environment is calmer, less cluttered and clean, we sleep better! When Spring cleaning, make sure you pay attention to your bedroom and remove any clutter or unnecessary mess. A clean room helps our mind relax and improves our environment for sleep and rest. Resulting in a longer and deeper sleep. We all know we need this!

Opportunity to Up-cycle!

When we re-arrange our wardrobe or our pantry, we usually find ourselves with a pile of unwanted clothes or food. A Spring Clean is a fantastic opportunity to donate to charities, giving these items a new life for people less fortunate and making sure they do not end up in landfill.

Make Sure You Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products!

Now, it seems silly to say, but just a reminder, you don’t get the most out of an eco Spring cleaning unless you use eco-conscious cleaning products! Using harsh chemical to clean your home can expose you to irritants such as bleach and parabens. 


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