Spring Your Skin To Life With a Little Self Care

Self care isn't just about spring cleaning!

The weather is slowly heating up and colourful bursts of pink, yellow and green are beginning to brighten our gardens. You may be feeling a familiar itch to suddenly rip your house apart in the name of ‘spring cleaning’. We get it! We’re right beside you with our cleaning products in hand in the name of self care… but, have you ever stopped to consider how your skin may be responding to these seasonal changes? We put together some tips on how to pop the spring back into your skin because skincare is self care and who wouldn't want bouncier, glowing skin this summer season!

Tip #1

Cleanse + GLOW! It’s so important to begin and end your day with a cleanse. Our multi-benefit Cleanse + Glow has been formulated for time-poor women which means, it is super easy to insert into your self care regime. The micellar water works to remove make-up, tone, exfoliate, cleanse and even hydrate the skin! This product will assist in removing dust, dirt and spring-time pollen from your skin, leaving you with a dewy glow. You can even cleanse from the comfort of your bed as it requires no wash-off! Pfft, say hello to the easiest skincare ever invented!

Tip #2

Slow down on the make-up! Spring is one of the most beautiful season, but if you’re a hay-fever sufferer, it can be the worst! We recommend reducing your use of make-up and irritants during this season to help reduce skin irritation. Yes, we know the pain of rubbing make-up into watery eyes all too well! We are on a mission to help increase confidence in women around the world and as such, their products can be incorporated into your daily make-up routines. Try spritzing Spray + Glow into your foundation prior to applying to achieve a sheer, lighter-coverage with double the glow! If you’re game, we challenge you to ditch the make-up altogether in favour of Pump + Glow which works as a daily nourishing moisturiser and a glowy, confidence booster all in one!

Tip #3

Carry Spray + Glow with you at all times. Ever feel like the warmer weather leaves your skin feeling dehydrated? Spray + Glow was designed to be an easy, on-the-go moisturiser that can fit into your hand bag. You can use it as a daily moisturiser or a mid-afternoon refresh spray! Simply mist the spray over your face whenever you feel you need an extra boost of moisture. Remember, spring-time skincare is self care.

Tip #4

Go eco! Okay, so this one isn’t really specific to spring, but we do want to call out our Wipe + Glow reusable face pads. These fluffy, chic, make-up remover pads are effective, super easy and sustainable so you can say goodbye to nasty, cotton pads wasting space in your bathroom cupboard!

Tip #5

Sleep on it! Really can’t be bothered with a skincare regime? We won’t judge! Sleep + Glow was designed just for you! This clever little overnight booster cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and smoothes the appearance of fine lines all while you’re sleeping! A lightweight mask that gives you an instant glow - no, you’re not dreaming. Pop it on, go to sleep and wake up with brighter, bouncier, spring skin!

As a female founded skincare company, we want to ensure we are always providing easy-to-use, simple skincare products that never compromise on performance. Just simple, high quality products that get real results.  

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