What's your self care regime?

We’re here to tell you, the little things matter. A self care regime doesn’t need to be a weekend away or an expensive dinner in the city… we believe self care can be as simple as taking a moment for you. 

Whether self care is skincare, feeding your body nutritious foods, meditating or having a mid-week binge on ice-cream, taking a couple of minutes to yourself daily can help minimise the risk of burn out.

We’ve compiled our favourite self care moments for you to try…

Getting out of bed before your kids so you can have breakfast in peace.

It may require waking up a little earlier and forgoing some beauty sleep, but we love to wake up extra early so we can eat breakfast in peace (or with our partners) just a few times a week! Waking up early can also give you some extra ‘you’ time to cleanse your face, organise lunch boxes or take a few extra minutes to decide what you want to wear that day – without kids hanging off you!

Staying in the car just a little bit longer.

Work is tiring, days are long and it’s not often we get 10 minutes to ourselves… even driving home from work requires focus and attention on the road! Sometimes we like to take a few minutes in the car when we get home for a moment of self care. Meditate, belt out your favourite song or do some Instagram scrolling. It’s a simple moment of pure, uninterrupted bliss.

Skipping your 10 step skincare routine in favour of our 2 step routine.

Okay, we know this one is an obvious one, but we don’t always have time to spend half an hour on a skincare routine - ugh, boring! Our 2 step, multi-benefit products are packed with active ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyaluronate and Pineapple Enzymes, so you can cleanse, moisturise and glow in just a fraction of the time. And of course, get back to more important things! Sometimes, simple skincare is self care.

Telling your kids that cookie dough is *ahem* disgusting.

Okay, it’s a blatant lie, we know, but sometimes we just don’t want to share. This is hands down, the greatest self care ritual of all time (says Renee our founder - who clearly has a major cookie dough obsession)🤭

What are your tips for self care!? Comment below.


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