A Simple Beauty Routine For A New Mama

I’m a new(ish) mum, with a 6 month old baby. I am certainly no expert. I definitely don’t have it all worked out, and I haven’t found the secret answer to perfect parenthood. But I have learnt a few things (and some simple beauty routine hacks) along the way, so I thought I’d share them in a hope to help just one other mum or dad maybe feel less alone, or a little more like ‘yeah I got this’.

  • Lack. Of. Sleep. Is. real. Everyone warned me. But it’s one of those things that you just need to experience to believe. It's a bit like the fun of a rollercoaster. Except this rollercoaster is at full speed and I can’t get off. At 5 months old, my little boy decided that sleeping through the night wasn’t for him and now he’ll wake for a variety of reasons I’m yet to fully decode. So I’m up at all hours, most nights every 2 hours and my eyes burn. It’s not like the “oh I just looked into the sun for a moment burn”, but a full on dry scratchiness. Luckily for my Cinch Sleep + Glow, I’m able to manage a simple skincare routine and hydrate my skin, even with sleepless nights. My bestie commented the other day that somehow I’m managing to look dewy (isn’t that the MOST delightful compliment) with a newborn.




      • Time for me? What’s that? I’m so incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to breastfeed my bub. Although breastfeeding, coupled with endless lockdowns, means my little man is attached to me approximately 95% of the time. It leaves little time for me. I have found taking 5 minutes to myself in the bathroom with the door closed and music on is my little treat (sometimes this doesn’t always go to plan and my bub is with me, on the floor). I’ll pop on my pump and glow, close my eyes and Gua Sha my face for a few sweet, uninterrupted moments. It's a simple beauty moment but It’s pure bliss.
      • The waste that goes along with a newborn is something I had not previously thought about. I had ‘stocked up’ on nappies, proud of myself for being so organised and having us covered for the first few months. I’d sourced a great biodegradable nappy option, you know, doing my bit for the planet. It was on day 10 that my husband called out to say we were out of nappies. 200 nappies in 10 days. Initially thinking he’d had a ‘boy’ look, I went in for myself only to confirm that we had actually used them all. My little eco warrior heart sank. Despite trying to find the most eco friendly disposable option, it was 200 nappies that we’d sent off to landfill in less than 2 weeks. At my first free moment, I researched cloth nappies and am now fully stocked up with a cloth collection, some reusable wipes and a much happier mindset. I actually found that my collection of Cinch Wipe + Glow pads have been perfect for cleaning up my little boy’s face after food times, and just cleaning up after him in general. It’s super soft on his skin and so easy to wash afterwards. Simple beauty routine hacks are what I live for! What a win-win from my beauty cupboard.
      • Baby Nurturing. I never knew tiny humans enjoyed tiny massages. I mean, it makes sense when I really think about it, but it never crossed my mind until I had my own tiny human. A friend recommended it, and now every night after bath time, Louie sits back and enjoys a good old back massage. I use my Cinch Gua Sha to softly massage his little back and legs and he LOVES it. I’ve tried to set up a massage train, although my husband isn’t too convinced on the idea. I’ll keep working on it though. Watch this space.
      • I’ve learnt that it’s okay to not overachieve. Actually, it’s more than okay and completely acceptable. This one has been the biggest learning for me. Prior to having Louie, I needed to have my days filled. I would go from back to back meetings to endless social events. I felt productive and successful. When I had my baby, this ALL changed. I couldn’t get the simplest of tasks done. My brain felt like mush. I felt like a completely useless adult. Until my sister reminded me (and still does, daily) that keeping a little human alive is an incredible achievement, and if that’s all I do in a day, that’s more than enough. So if you’re finding yourself in a similar position, please tell yourself you’re doing amazingly. You don’t need to clean the house or wash your hair or even do an elaborate skincare routine. You simply need to survive and nurture and love your baby. You’re doing an incredible job!
      We would love to hear from you! Let us know your new mama tips in the comments below. 

    * Image: Unsplash

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