Perfecting the ‘Glowy No-Makeup Foundation’ Look

Your 4-Step Guide for busy lives 

How crazy fast is 2024? I know for me, balancing work, family, self care - finding time for an elaborate, 20-step makeup tutorial is out of the question. As such, heavy makeup is a big no from me... I am after a simple solution that’s going to give me that clear, healthy skin vibe asap! I am all about the skin, so I’ve perfected this fool-proof, 4-step, no-makeup/makeup base, tailored for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Step 1: It’s all about that base 

Spoiler alert - prep is the cornerstone of a flawless 'no-makeup/make-up'.  Start with a fresh canvas: ensure your skin is cleansed before applying a moisturiser that suits your skin type. Dehydrated? Opt for a creamy moisturiser. Those with combination skin may prefer a lighter, more fluid option. Bonus points for products that include an illuminator or primer to bring that extra glow!

Step 2: The game-changer that costs nothing 

Facial massage is completely free and will change the way your skin looks immediately. Using your fingers or knuckles in an upwards direction will boost blood flow, promoting a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. 

bathroom sink with skincare products scattered

Step 3: Rethinking Foundation Application

Forget every tutorial you have ever seen. Forget what beauty bloggers and makeup artists do with their brushed. I am a makeup artist and have worked in loads of Fashion Weeks in Australia and in London and I NEVER use a brush. I recommend using your fingers for your foundation and concealer application. This technique saves you product and ensures seamless blending, mirroring the natural texture and tone of your skin. Begin at the centre of your face, working outward to avoid heavy buildup and achieve the 'your skin, but better' effect.

Step 4: Set and Illuminate

It’s time to set and forget!  Opt for a setting spray with a glowy finish to keep your foundation in place while adding a healthy glow to your skin. Are you a matte foundation lover? Mix in a few sprays of a dewy setting spray. It can give you an instant glow up without your makeup looking oily or heavy.

Why we love these tips

The no-makeup makeup look is all about simplicity, efficiency, and loving your natural beauty. These four steps are easy to incorporate into your busy life and keep your skin fresh and glowy. 

What’s your no-makeup makeup tip? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments.

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