Go out or stay in - whatever your choice, Cinch will make you feel a million bucks

Whether you're planning a date night, mate night or focusing on some self love, feeling your best is non-negotiable, right? I’m here to tell you a little secret: you don’t need a crazy ritual that takes forever to achieve that. As a self confessed lazy gal and beauty minimalist so I am always on the lookout for quick wins to make me feel a million bucks – and I'm share to hare some with you!

 Quick Skin Prep: Simplicity Wins

Please ditch those lengthy skincare routines. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and I know it’s easy to get sucked in, but less is more. Trust me! Simplicity reigns supreme. Find a skincare routine you love and that is easy to stick to. Look for multi-benefit beauty products that cut down on time and effort but don’t sacrifice on results. My top picks are: a cleanser that fits into your life (do not ditch this step. EVER.) also, a good moisturiser that is suited to your skin type, and finally, an affordable sunscreen that you can reapply throughout the day.

Makeup or Bare-Faced: You choose 

For me, nothing beats makeup free days BUT I do love a really simple, fresh ‘no makeup makeup’ as long as it’s simple, quick and doesn't involve contouring, it’s a yes from me!  If you lack confidence in the makeup department, remember: keep it simple and PREP YOUR SKIN. Massage and a good illuminating moisturiser is a game changer! Either route you take, I know you are looking amazing. Check out full face makeup using only 4 products here.

Couch Facial + Movie: Yes Please!

Choosing a night in? My fave. Soft lighting, your favourite playlist or movie and a couch facial! Feet up, mask on, chocolate/wine in hand, whatever makes you smile. Nothing else to say here!

Glamming Up? Consider this

Heading out? Pick an outfit that makes you feel amazing (and don’t forget comfortable). I sound like your nagging mum, but take into consideration the weather, how far you are walking and if you can go back for 3rds without popping any buttons! My number 1 tip is: no outfit can outshine your confidence.

Embrace the Moment, Flaws and All

If you’re opting for a date night (Valentines/Galentines or otherwise) your night should be about laughter, connection, and creating memories. So, if things don't go as planned, just roll with it. It's those unexpected, perfectly imperfect moments that often become the funniest stories.  

 💖And a little reminder – as we edge closer to the 14th of Feb, no matter your plans, don't forget to indulge in some self-love. We've all felt that little bit of guilt for treating ourselves (right?), but remember, a little self love can go a long way  💖



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