New Year, Same You

Welcome to 2021, the new year that’s full of promise and optimism after a dreary 2020. Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution? Maybe a juice cleanse or detox takes your fancy? Or, maybe you’re going to try the Marie Kondo method of minimalism to achieve enlightenment in your life? Either way, we say forget it! A new year definitely doesn’t mean you need a new you! Forget resolutions, just keep glowing. Just keep being you! Because you’re amazing.

At Cinch, for the whole month of January, we’re going to be challenging ourselves to be the best versions of us. No, this doesn’t mean changing who we are or trying to fix ourselves. It’s about finding our own inner glow and allowing it to shine. Make up free office days? Hell, yes! Chocolate in the top drawer of your desk? Well, naturally, we do love some self care! These self care moments are essential to finding your glow, which is why we are giving away FREE Gua Shas with all bundles purchased in January as a treat for you.

Rather than fighting to fit into those skinny jeans or waking up early to cake our faces in foundation, we want to spend January celebrating our true selves. One thing is for sure… we’ll be upping our skincare game and ensuring we Cleanse + Glow twice daily then grabbing our  Spray + Glow or Pump + Glow for a hydration boost. If you want to know what's best for your skin, check out our ritual page.

You can also check out our Cinch Boosters where we let you in on our little Cinch secrets to take your ritual to the next level! Maximum results, minimal mirror time!

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Happy glowing x


Written by Brontë Godschalk

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