Who Has Time For a Self Care Regime Anyway!?

What does self care mean to you? Well, we know a 45 minute skin routine isn’t for everyone… it certainly isn’t for us! If you love Cinch, you probably want your self care moment to be a little easier too. How about a 1 hour bubble bath? Yeah, relaxing is tricky when there’s crying babies and a kitchen that won’t clean itself! But take it from us, a self care regime doesn’t have to be hard, rigorous or time consuming.

Our idea of self care is as simple of grabbing a Cinch rose quartz Gua Sha, a glass of wine (or tea) and sitting in front of the TV while watching an episode of our favourite TV series. Skincare is self care. Simple!

We developed the Cinch Gua Sha because we know this luxury item can be used anywhere, which is perfect for us Cinchies who are pressed for time. At Cinch HQ, you can often find us with our eyes glued to a gazillion emails with a Gua Sha in one hand… seriously, we’re sure it improves productivity! The Gua Sha is easy to pop in your handbag and carry with you for on the go glow which is perfect for our business babes who need a self care moment just as much as the rest of us. 

But what is a Gua Sha, really? As sceptical as we were to begin with, this little beauty gem has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It helps amplify the effectiveness of your skin care as well as giving you a helping hand to sculpt and contour the face by aiding inflammation and toxin removal. By lightly massaging your face and neck in upwards motions, you can help reduce water retention in your face. When used alongside the Cinch Pump + Glow, you can visibly see a fresh glow once the ritual is complete! It's a simple self care regime that really pays off.

 You’ve read this far… now, how do you Gua Sha!?

After cleansing, pop a little bit of moisturiser or oil on your skin. Lightly massage your face with an ‘up and out’ motion. We suggest starting with your neck, jawline and chin. Do about 5-10 ‘passes’ of each area before moving on to the cheeks, under the eyes and forehead. Check out this demo clip for tips and enjoy!


You can repeat this ritual daily or a couple of times a week. You can perform this in bed, or at work - it’s totally up you… which is why we absolutely love it!


Chat soon x


Written by Brontë Godschalk

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