Why Skinimalism is more than the biggest beauty trend of 2021

It may be taking 2021 by storm, but the art of #Skinimalism is no stranger to Cinch. Skinimalism and minimalist skin care is what this multi-functional, multi-purpose brand was built on. So, here’s what you need to know about this beauty trend that cuts out the hyperbole of a 10-step skincare routine and elevates your natural skin. 

Coined by Pinterest as this year’s ‘new glow-up,’ skinimalism (the minimalist skincare trend) is all about simplifying your skin and makeup routine by using a few hardworking products that give your skin all the good stuff in half the time. The minimal approach is also linked to the slow beauty movement, offering multi-faceted benefits beyond the skin. Think fewer products filling your cabinets, more cash in the bank account and therefore, mindful consumerism is encouraged. 

As you can see, this cutesy term is more than a trend. It’s a lifestyle approach that reshapes the relationship between skincare and one’s own skin. By removing a handful of steps and products, we’re encouraged to think about what the skin really needs instead of hiding those ‘imperfections’ that naturally occur. Pores, freckles, texture and scarring? We love to see it. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the minimalist skincare trend weaves into adjusting out of lockdown like a dream. Personally, it’s been a struggle to jump back into that pre-COVID get ready routine. Routines that ran like clockwork now seem difficult to pull together within an hour. And frankly, the extra 15 minutes in bed sounds way more appealing. So with this smart regime using multi-purpose products, we can squeeze in more sleep or enjoy a slower-paced morning. 

As previously mentioned, we’ve been in the business of Skinimalism for a while. We live and breathe less is more, which is why the minimalist skin care trend completely compliments our multi-benefit products which have been thoughtfully formulated to offer glowy, hydrated skin at a fraction of the time. 


 Cleanse + Glow 5 in 1 Micellar Water really does cleanse, tone, exfoliate, hydrate and swipes make-up off like a breeze. Pump + Glow is more than a light-weight, hydrating moisturiser. It’s the perfect primer or perfect face mask for that 5-minute power facial. Oh and Spray + Glow? This spritz of hydration gives off a natural sparkle and refreshes tired skin. 

Skinimalism is the feel-good shift we need in the industry. The conversation is going beyond a trend to a movement that’ll be around for a while, so cue your natural skin texture shining through and say goodbye to a cluttered skincare cabinet. 

Written by Asheda Weekes.

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