Glow hard or go home: sloppy is out, centred is in.

By Sarah Fritz, Founder + CEO, Yes Queen

Sex and the City glamorised martinis, mini-skirts and cigarettes, and whilst we all need to have a Carrie-style blow out from time to time, feeling well and fit (and hangover-free) is trending in 2019.

It’s no longer about surviving party season; it’s about thriving – no one has time or the stomach for dark circles, a can of coke for breakfast or the black-out disco-pash with a co-worker – we need to be on our A-game for potential business collaborations, invites to high-frequency summer gatherings and awake enough to not miss morning Pilates. Reminder: feeling your best is IN.

No successful trailblazer can live their best life without the people, products and rituals that make operating at 100 that little bit easier.  Here are three tips and tricks to be in-bloom this season.


Set your alarm 30 minutes ahead of the time you need to be up and make it your mission to have a guided meditation in an upright-seated position. If you can do this daily in December I guarantee you’ll be feeling more present, positive and protected in rammed spaces like parties and shopping malls. Take your meditation up a level by burning incense and resins in portable burner Native Flame. The smoke uplifts your spirit, heightens your senses and brings harmony to the mind and body. 

Native Flame
Source: Native Flame


Zero hangovers during festive season are now made possible with the clever crystal-infused sparkling water creators at OSun Sparkling who now sell alcohol-free gin, Monday Distillery Non-Alcoholic Classic G&T”. This chic bottle is the perfect party favour to your upcoming events, the concoction is described as a “traditional mix of ginteresting botanicals, sprinkle in some rosemary, seasalt and other tonic tidbits, then add some love to make your taste buds go ‘oh, sip yes!”. Experience “high spirits and a clear mind”. (source: Osun Sparkling)

OSun Sparkling
Source: OSun Sparkling


As an advocate for all things skin (particularly skin with extra glow), facials are always a high priority – particularly if I have an event or need some unashamed ‘me’ time - a day spa is a place where I feel I can completely switch off and disconnect from all the busyness and spend time horizontal being completely treated. I recently had one at St Skin pre event and the calm energy transferred from pamper to panel – I felt grounded, joyful and in a beautiful space to connect with new people; something to consider trying before one of your upcoming events. If you’re seeking some ‘me’ time I highly recommend Miss Fox – the ‘Self Care Sanctuary’the aromatherapy facial begins by intuitively picking a crystal, and this is matched with an essential oil blend that evokes the energy of the crystal – which is used throughout the treatment. When a mask is applied you will be massaged – head, shoulders and arms – you are attended to the entire session – pure bliss. Post session you can pick up the oil blend for $25 so you can continue to roll-on good vibes for months to come.

Miss Fox

Source: Miss Fox

Cover Image by Hanna Postova

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