A new-age approach to self-care

By Sarah Fritz, Founder + CEO, Yes Queen

There is a (much needed) rise in the self care regime and self-love practices, products, rituals and services. For some people the art of self-care has been engrained from a young age, for others this is a whole new world. No matter your experience in taking care of yourself, there really isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to “livin’ your best life”. Being open to all that is available and then aligning to what feels best to you is a great way to live in a natural flow.

Or what I love to call cosmic abundance.

The title to my life mantra does match the rituals I love to take part in. And whether you think it’s too woo woo or plain BS I can tell you hand on heart these tips are REAL life and something we ALL can access. Magic is not only for a ‘special’ few, it is there for anyone to tap into - if you allow yourself to close your eyes, open your heart and lean into possibility. 

Magic trick #1: Meditation

My alarm goes off at 5am. I spend 30 minutes slowly waking up, getting ready to choose a guided meditation session from the free app Insight Timer. At 5:30am I am ready to go to the search bar and type in what I am feeling called to that day; it might be ‘confidence’, ‘abundance’, ‘focus’ or a good old faithful ‘chakra healing’. With the options to choose between 2 minutes to 2 hour sessions I can always find time to make this a daily self care regime (if you’re hung-over, on vacay or went to bed at 2am watching back to back Stranger Things you get a spiritual hall pass!).

Benefit: When you stop sweating the small stuff, smile more at strangers, find gratitude in any moment, and are living with more humility you know you’re on the path to enlightenment. The truth is we all still have shit days and get angry but a commitment to regular meditation contributes to a lot less of these days and feelings. Meditation helps us find more clarity, calmness and presence in how we think and act. Hello mindful communication – to ourselves and to others.


Magic trick # 2: Good Intention + Good Hustle

I start my day with an intention or a mantra. I believe our thoughts become things, so for me, this is a powerful way to align my thinking to what I am setting out to achieve.  After learning the TRUE power of our words through a water experiment by Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto it confirmed what I had already intuitively felt all my life – the way my body reacted to words – both good and bad, can be felt deep inside, after all we are made of 70% water. So what we think and say (our conscious words) plays a very important role not only in what we attract and what we do, but it physically affects our body – this is why good intention really is everything.

Wait, not everything, we are missing Good Intention’s sidekick: #GoodHustle

Our good intentions are lost in the ether with the absence of action. Unfortunately we can’t just magic wand a six-figure business, that Amalfi coast holiday or that retreat in Peru – we gotta work for it. But trust me, once the universe can see your vision board, your to-do list, your good intentions and your damn fine hustle of making sh*t happen, watch the opportunities start flooding in. But to be clear the actions must be made in order to reap cosmic abundance – I’m talking blood, sweat and tears (mostly happy ones so don’t be scared, just be truly willing to work your ass off).

Benefit: Ultimately, when you are setting intentions and kicking goals along with them you will be intrinsically happy. And self-care does include your passion project as it stems from you.


Magic trick #3: Healings, Healings, Healings

In a short space of time I had the following healings: Kundalini Multi-dimensional healing, Crystal Dreaming, Guided Meditation and a Tarot Card reading – what followed I can only describe as life changing. Personally, I would not have unveiled my passion and purpose or have the tools I have now without being open to these rituals. I could write a book on these experiences combined however they are unique and something that I am honestly still integrating years on. All I can say is that I unlocked a personal power I would never have dreamed possible. I attribute a lot of my business and personal success to my commitment to self-development through healing practices. If you’re curious I encourage you to check out the Pink Pages directory on my not-for-profit project, Yes Queen.

When it comes to healings my philosophy is, more is more.

Benefit: Remove blockages, limiting beliefs and become aligned to your true, authentic self…. The magic will follow.

These tips and tricks are available now to any human who is committed to living in positivity, possibility with a healthy dose of grit. So go forth and namaslay.

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