Simple Beauty Routine Hacks For Silly Season


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December is LIT – work Christmas parties, boozy brunches, business circle dinners, family get-togethers, end-of-year celebrations, launch luncheons…the list goes on; and with a back to back diary bursting at the seams, it’s hard for even a die-hard beauty-buff to keep up with their beauty routine.

As time really is everything, these beauty hacks take seconds and are made for everyone, so you can spend more time dancing, eating, connecting etc --- less bathroom time and more you time.

Make a scene

Go from work-all-day to a party-all-night by applying your favourite lipstick – you’ll feel rejuvenated and stand out in seconds. Dab a bit of your lipstick on your cheeks and eyelids for a full-face lift. It’s not the oldest trick in the beauty-book but, we’re crowning it the best trick. Plus, it's helps to keep keep your beauty routine simple.

Image: Darren Nunis

Spray + Glow

Where do we begin?! There are so many uses for this gem. Celebrity make-up artists like Max MayMichael Brown and Chantelle Baker have used this magic mist with their pro-tip: spritz Spray + Glow on top of the foundation in the palm of your hand and apply all over the face for an instant dewy look. Prefer the girl-next-door look? After you have hydrated your whole face with it, spray some extra on your fingers and pat onto cheek bones, forehead and along the nose for an epic glow. It's a simple skin care routine which gives your skin a brighter glow.  

Face Cheat Spray, Cinch, Moisturiser, Mist, Glow

Image: Vlad Savin

Busted Bronzer?!

'Tis the season for our little people to be playing with - and accidentally smashing -  our compacts. No doubt many powders have seen their demise at the bottom of the bathroom bin, however there is a fix – rubbing alcohol – this is a quick and effective fix – smash your powder down even further and run a little alcohol over the top; once the alcohol is evaporated your compact will be back in tact. Beauty hacks 101.

broken compact 
Pump + Glow 

Our wonder cream is wondrous for many reasons, but the one thing that will have you ‘ooooing’ and ‘ahhhhhing’ is that our moisturiser cream doubles as a face mask – yes! It's a simple skincare hack when there's no time for a spa treatment. If time is too pressed, you can Netflix and chill in pj’s with Pump + Glow. Use a pump and a half and pat all over your face without rubbing in. Let it do its thang as a dewy moisture mask. Enjoy a post-facial hydrated glow. You’re welcome!


Image: Vlad Savin

Hair to help

Is it just us, or do we all lose 2kg of hair this season? It’s scientifically proven that stress and hair loss are related, and as we all experience a little extra pressure this time of year, it may be no surprise to find a mini wig on the bathroom floor post washing and styling. Here are two tricks to take back your volume:

  1. Dust some eyeshadow (the same colour as your locks) along your part line – it makes your hair look thicker – and help covers greys if you’re in need.

  2. Dry shampoo – the every season saviour – the right one will pump up your mane instantly, our go-to is, cinch, tipsImage: Alex Suprun

Cleanliness is next to Goddess-ness

We’ve saved the most important to last – cleansing before bed every night is mandatory. NO MATTER WHAT, save your lovely face and pillow from blemishes by committing to this necessary step. Whilst you’re sleeping - and dreaming of world domination -  your body is working hard to rejuvenate and repair your skin cells – give it its best shot by using Cleanse + Glow - it's a simple skin care routine that works. It’s a no rinse micellar water so all you need is a cotton pad (or Wipe + Glow) and swipe – in seconds you’re done! If you have a big night coming up store the bottle and pads on your bedside table so you only need one stop pre-sleep.

Model, Bed Sheet, Cinch Skin, Face It Cleanser

Image: Vlad Savin


Written by Renee Moore

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