Cinch Approved Dream Hotels

While a good night’s sleep is something we can only dream of, we think it’s super important to enjoy some self care time every now and then… an expensive champagne, a beach view and hey, maybe even a hotel! We thought we would help you out with a list of our Cinch Approved bucket list stays across Australia for your next holiday extravaganza!

With the past 12 months taking their toll (hello, lockdown 4.0), you bet we can't wait to tick these stays off our bucket list... we can dream, right!?


Calile Hotel Brisbane

Complete with 70’s vibes, a gymnasium, library, spa and outdoor pool isn’t even the best thing about this tropical bliss. The rooms have been expertly designed with touches of pink and oodles of natural light. It’s a little pricey, but totally worth it! This hotel will also match your Cinch Pump + Glow or Spray + Glow, so be sure to snap up a storm!



Hotel Chadstone Melbourne

Say hello to a shopping spree at your door step. If you’re not fussed on being a little out of the city and you’re a lover of tapping that Amex card, the fashion capital has everything else you need! Located within the fashion capital, this hotel sports a pool with sweeping views of Melbourne and all the restaurants that Chadstone has to offer, right at your door! Be sure to use your Cleanse + Glow before heading to the pool for the ultimate relaxation.



Notel - Melbourne

Notel is little different… Located in Melbourne’s CBD, this boutique hotel is situated on a roof top within Harper Lane (how very Melbourne!). The rooms aren’t what you would expect either - they are self contained, converted Airstream Caravans. Think a whole lot of pink with vintage exteriors and hip, modern pink and white interiors. It’s definitely an experience and another one to match your Cinch products.



QT Bondi

This fun and quirky boutique hotel is located just a stones throw away from world famous, Bondi Beach. The rooms are beachy, vibrant and SO spacious. Want a seaside getaway? Bondi is the place to go!



Medusa Sydney

As the name would suggest, Medusa is no ordinary hotel. Whilst you won’t find any snakes in your closet, this hip hotel located in bustling, artistic Darlinghurst has a range of rooms with vibrant, bold colours. Depending on which room you’re allocated, you may feel like you’ve stepped into an Austin Powers movie OR even the Moulin Rouge… it’s the luck of the draw!



Yallingup Glamping Retreat - Perth

If you’re looking for more of a wholesome, retreat style vacay, Perth’s Yallingup Glamping Retreat is just the place! Don’t freak out - it’s GLAM-ping not camping… designed for even the most fussy of vacationers. This all-encompassing getaway offers a pool, daybeds, spa, BBQ, outdoor rain shower, private yoga teacher and OH, it’s adult only! Pack your Gua Sha and get ready for relaxaaaaation!




Want to know why you need to take Cinch on your next stay-cation? Just like a holiday, Cinch will give you a noticeable glow! It's easy, simple, fuss free and you can lay in bed, drinking a glass of champagne and eating pizza while completing your skincare - now, that's what we call multi-tasking!

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