When You Know You Know

In light of our celebration of women this May at Cinch HQ, I've been thinking about motherhood. Mother’s Day is something that I have always considered to be somewhat trivial. One day of the year to celebrate mums… small gifts, breakfast in bed and not a whole lot more. However, as I settle into my mid-twenties and come to terms with the absolute mess that 2020 has made, this holiday has caused some stirring thoughts - yes, I’m talking baby making.

With the news that Australian borders may be closed to international travel for the next four years and the fact that we could survive (or waste, as some may see) albeit a whole year stuck at home, it poses the question, is it time I start thinking about kids? While I’m only 24 and would yell ‘Hell NO’ to anyone who asks if children are on the cards, I can’t help but wonder, at what point should I, as a woman, start thinking about children, fertility and how this adventure may impact my career. Is there a right time? Is it a case of ‘when you know, you know?’

In the past year, my partner has started to get serious about future planning and to my dismay, favours the phrase, ‘we’re approaching our thirties,’ with the objective of drawing our attention to life planning and goal setting. I get it, we need to really start taking our plans seriously so we can achieve everything we want, and something we do eventually want, is to have children… I think?

I’ve read so many articles explaining pregnancy discrimination, gender pay gap, snide comments in the office or even losing employment opportunities due to corporate expectations. While I know, times have changed from the standard parental roles and societal expectations, It’s a confusing conundrum and one that no doubt, crosses the minds of many young working women across Australia.

For now, kids are a future hurdle to cross. I’m going to enjoy my relationship with my long-term partner and enjoy the extra sleep I’ll be missing when I have children! I'll keep focusing on my glow and enjoying that 10 minute Pump + Glow mask every few nights.

While I don’t have any advice and I’m certainly not an expert, I would love to hear your thoughts… What are your thoughts or experiences on motherhood in the working world? Comment below!


Written by Brontë Godschalk


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