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Asheda, Melbourne-based Freelance Writer + Project Manager (and fan of easy skincare).

I used to be a person who tackled a Saturday with unbridled productivity: early pilates class, coffee, brunch, errands, more coffee, work, and chores before getting ready for another evening of socialising. I found I was stressing myself out more in the name of “self-care”. 

So I changed my tune. I now lean into my energy levels to dictate how I take on a Saturday to nurture myself and my body. Some Saturdays I’m up at 8 am, other mornings I’ll slowly crawl out of bed at 10 am. My body wakes up when it wants, and I block out time in my morning not to be anywhere anytime soon. 

Aside from the time I wake up, my Saturday Self-Care ritual follows the same path. I lie in bed for a good 10-15 minutes. Usually, my cat is nestled between my partner and me. I take the time to give her all the pats and love until she decides it’s time for breakfast. This is my meditative calm —I pay attention to comfort and stillness. 

Like most Melburnians, ‘my morning doesn’t start without coffee.’ Travers and I do a long walk with a pitstop to a local cafe in between. The window between getting up and out the door isn’t very long —he gets ready too quickly. This is where Cinch’s Cleanse + Glow steps in — I put a couple of pumps onto my Wipe + Glow cleansing pad and wipe it gently on my face, and apply zinc sunscreen before heading out. 

Somewhere between a long, rejuvenating morning walk and a cooked lunch, I’ll either run errands, clean the house, tend to my plant babies or cook. I love popping on a podcast while I do this — right now I have Bobo and Flex, The Bossy Type and Lady-Brains on my Saturday rotation. If I’m in the mood, I might be reading a book instead.

Whether I have plans or not, in the afternoon I do a Cinch facial routine. What would take me 30+ mins only takes me 10 mins thanks to Cinch’s multi-tasking, hardworking formulas. Those extra 20 minutes can fit a lot — and I love that I get the same results in less time. 

I do another Cleanse + Glow to remove sunscreen (and y’know, sweat/dirt/etc), then apply a thick layer of Pump + Glow for a 5 min facial. I finish off with a spritz of Spray + Glow for a refreshing finish. If I’m heading out for the night, I’ll spritz it again over my minimal makeup to lock it in. The feeling polishes my Saturday every time — glowy, revitalised and feeling good in my skin.


Written by Asheda Weekes

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