Everything happens for a reason, and in this case the reason I formulated Sleep + Glow was quite simple… I wanted perfect skin, but I hate tight clay masks, I don't need the mess of crumbling clay that has been clumped and dried on my face for 2 hours because I don't have the time to remove it (or let's face it, I can't be bothered) and I reeeeeally don’t like exfoliating beads scratching my face skin (cue memories of Avon Apricot scrub). Oh, and I love the idea of going to sleep without having to rinse my skincare off!

When it comes to face masks (ok, skincare in general) I have high expectations and a list of demands as long as my arm. I know there is no perfect skin care routine however, I stay away from 'trend masks' a.k.a clay and sheet variety. Not denying that they work, but I want innovation, I want newness but most of all it comes down to me not getting along with clay (dry, tight, time demanding - no thanks) and me doing this crazy stiff face thing to keep my sheet mask from falling off my face - NOT relaxing at all. I want hydrating, smoothing, brightening and ok, I'll take some fine line smoothing as well!   

So for me, conceptualising Sleep + Glow was relatively simple. I knew what I wanted and didn't want. Formulating it was hard and took months but I was there for it. It needed to be perfect. I wanted the perfect skin care routine for me. Part of my mission when I began Cinch was to only release products that do exactly what they say they do. No false claims, no hyperbole, just simple skincare that works. 

Where traditional masks generally require wash-off after 10-15 minutes, Sleep + Glow can be worn all night to work its magic on your skin. It’s a multi-benefit 5-in-1, which means it works to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, brighten and works as an anti-ager. It has been expertly formulated with Paw Paw and Pineapple Enzymes which effectively dissolve any impurities to reveal clearer skin. It also contains Hyaluronate which plumps and reduces the appearance of fine lines. SUPEROX-C™ containing Kakadu Plum has been added to brighten the skin for a lasting glow! It’s an instant illuminator, making you look like a million dollars for bed… *ahem* hello queen vibes!

girl applying Sleep + Glow

Keeping in line with the whole Cinch mission of ‘Skincare Simplified’ our innovative Sleep + Glow is suuuuper easy to apply. Simply apply a small amount to your clean face, neck and décolletage before you jump in bed. Gently pat and evenly spread until it creates a light film. No need to rub in! A glowy sheen should be visible which will slowly set (but it won’t give you tight, yucky skin!). To remove, you simply need to wash your face in the morning (as you normally would) or give your skin a wipe over with our Cleanse + Glow. It’s honestly easier than making breakfast for 2 kids!

I couldn’t be more proud to bring you our 4th skincare product in our line-up. I finally created the perfect product to add to your perfect skin routine. Everyone should experience the incredible benefits of masking and exfoliating without the hassle and mess. I think you're gonna love this one. We do! Can't wait to hear your feedback. Remember when you shop online with us, we still offer a 100% money back guarantee so if you're not 100% in love, we got you. 

Renee xx

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