Sleeping Tips and Tricks

Sleep is one of the greatest feelings ever… especially if you’re a mum! It can be a struggle to get a solid 6 hours without a child waking up crying or running into your bed for cuddles. So, we’ve had a chat with Australia’s number 1 Sleep Expert to see what tips & tricks she has in fighting lethargy and maintaining your glow!


Step 1. Nap!

Okay, so your friends keep telling you napping is bad? Is your partner calling you lazy for crawling into bed for a late afternoon nap? WELL, we’re here to tell you that napping isn’t bad at all! However, you do need to follow somewhat of a process to get the most value out of your nap. It’s critical to ensure your nap goes for only 30 minutes. We know, it can be tricky not to hit snooze, but this 30 minutes is critical - do not sleep for longer otherwise your body starts entering ‘slow wave sleep’ which is where you wake up feeling like you’ve maxed out on 3 Pina coladas on a Monday! P.s. Sleep can also help contribute to healthier, more luminous skin. Win win.

Step 2. Hydrate!

We’ve been told time and time again, that hydration is key to our body functioning and well, duh, up to 60% of the human body is water! Did you know, just a 2% drop in hydration levels will cause lethargy. If you feel a snooze coming on while staring at your computer screen, try a big gulp of water - it may just kick that lethargy out of the water… pun intended. If your skin needs a little extra hydration, try our Pump + Glow 10 minute mask as it's one of the best products for glowing skin. Simply, apply a thick layer of Pump + Glow to your face, let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse or rub the excess in – hello hydration!

Step 3. Go Outside

Embrace the sunshine. At the end of the day, humans are mammals, we like sunshine and daylight. When exposed to sunlight, your body produces serotonin which helps you feel alert and awake. Stepping outside could be just as good as a nap. As a bonus, serotonin is a happy hormone, so just a little sunshine can help fight lethargy as well as give you a boost of happy! P.s a little Spritz of Spray + Glow will give you delicious, glowy, luminous skin in the sunlight! Glow skincare at it's best.


Tip 4. Eat Properly

While we all should know this one, take it as a reminder. Nourish your body! Your body is a temple! We need so many vitamins and nutrients to function. You may not be tired… you may just need a nutritious snack! Try sticking with whole, unprocessed foods - your body will thank you! Oh, and cleansing twice a day with our best face wash for glowing skin never hurt anyone either!


Check out our video with Sleep Expert Olivia Arezzolo for more information!


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