You guys, I'm so excited to be talking to you today about a product from a company that I adore! You know when a brand that you love releases something new, and you're really keen to try it out, but also afraid that it might end up not living up to the hype? That's exactly how I felt when I heard that Cinch had a new release, and while I was sure that it wouldn't be bad, I wasn't prepared for just how good it turned out to be!

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Cinch (and honestly, shame on you - you've got a bit of catching up to do, and I'm actually jealous that you do, because you get to experience it all for the first time! But I digress...), if you're after glowing, dewy skin, then this is a must try brand to meet your needs. With their Pump + Glow Daily Moisturiser being amongst the top products on my list of moisturisers to help you achieve that dewy finish, you can imagine my expectations to be relatively high for the overnight mask even before I had it in my hands!

The Sleep + Glow Anti-Ageing Overnight Mask is marked at $39.95 for 80 ml of product, and like the rest of the range, the packaging is white, with their pink logo imprinted on it, along with black and pink lettering. The flip lid of the tube makes it easy to get the product out, and it is a thick, creamy, non-sticky cream that thins out well, and dries down with seconds. This leaves your skin feeling like there's a very thin film of something on it, but in a comfortable way. This also leaves your face looking all luminous, before heading to bed - a vision of things to come, perhaps?

This is supposed to do all the hard work, like exfoliate your skin, while hydrating it and smoothing the appearance of fine lines, all as you're catching your zzzs. The magic lies in the ingredients, of course, with paw paw and pineapple enzymes working together as the exfoliants, helping to gently dissolve dead skin cells, making way for a fresh layer of new ones. There's also hyaluronate for helping to hydrate and moisturise the skin, plumping it up. The inclusion of fucogel helps to reduce skin sensitivity, and it also strengthens the skin barrier, while also protecting it from oxidative stress.

Last but not least, there's also Superox-C with pure kakadu plum, so that you can get a massive hit of that sweet, skin brightening vitamin C. All that aside, does this really do that it says it does? In a word - yes! I do feel like consistent use has resulted in my skin staying bright throughout the ridiculous Winter weather we've been experiencing - wet, dry, cold and sunny, my skin is still looking luminous! I feel like this is definitely worth the dough! If you're still on the fence for what you should be trying, click through to these posts here and here. Do you use a sleep mask?

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