Six reasons you need vitamin C skincare

Vitamin C skincare is probably something you’ve heard of – in fact, you’ve probably heard us rave about how good it is for the skin. And, incidentally it’s also why this juicy wonder is in our Cinch products Spray + Glow, Pump + Glow and Sleep + Glow.  With instant and long-term benefits,  it’s one of the hardest working ingredients that you could add to your skin routine. Here’s why: 

2. It protects the skin barrier

Vitamin C is first and foremost known for its potent antioxidant properties which is essential to help neutralise the free radical damage caused by the pollution and UV light that we’re exposed to daily. Free radicals are unstable molecules which damage cell DNA and speed up the ageing process but breaking down collagen and elastin.. Thankfully, the antioxidants in Vitamin C neutralise these so our skin is protected!

2. It improves skin texture

Hyperpigmentation, puffiness, uneven skin tone – say goodbye to these thanks to a potent dose of vitamin C! By helping to prevent melanin production (the pigment responsible for skin colour) and overproduction  these concerns start to fade and help with overall skin texture. The best bit is regular use of vitamin C can  help these from these recurring. 

3. It promotes collagen production

This naturally-occurring protein depletes over time, leading to signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily, vitamin C boosts collagen production to keep skin looking plump, firm and toned, and it even stabilises the production too!

4. It’s a brightening agent

As vitamin C fades hyperpigmentation and smoothes out skin tone, it’s no surprise it can also help with the overall dullness of the skin surface, giving an overall brightening effect.  Hello dewy and glowy skin!

5. It’s a hydrating hero

Vitamin C doesn’t stop with the glow factor either, it also is an excellent hydrator helping to  retain moisture in the skin's dermis for an overall plumping effect and keeps it hydrated which also helps the appearance of fine lines.

6. It soothes with anti-inflammatory properties

Yes, vitamin C accelerates cell turnover with its antioxidant superpowers, but it’s also a great anti-inflammatory agent helping  to soothe your skin from irritation and reduce redness giving you a smoother, more even skin tones.

There’s no doubt vitamin C is one multi-talented ingredient – and that’s why we love it. Its efficacious and proven benefits is why we use Superox-C with Kakadu Plum in our formulas. Kakadu Plum is the most potent source of vitamin C in the world, because it contains the highest recorded level of natural vitamin C in the world – meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed glow when you add it to your skincare routine. Try it for yourself with a spray, moisturiser or mask: Spray + Glow, Pump + Glow and Sleep + Glow.

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