9 tips for luminous skin: Give yourself the gift of glow this Xmas

Looking for glow minus the effort? We’ve got you covered. At Cinch, we’re all about the luminous glow that’s low maintenance to achieve. That’s why we’ve looked to simple ways we can tweak our everyday routine so our skin stays healthy and glowy all summer long. Here are our nine easy steps to give you the gift of glow: 

Shield with sunscreen 

Whether the sun is shining or the sky is overcast, apply SPF daily (and reapply every 2-3 hours). Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is a non-negotiable step – it prevents skin damage and makes sure all the hard work you do to look after it isn’t undone. 

Take care of your gut 

    Whether it’s a breakout or changed texture to your skin, you can look to your gut for answers too as studies have shown that gut health and skin health are linked. The “gut-skin axis” or connection is where the health of your gut microbiome is reflected in your skin by way of inflammation like acne or skin irritations and allergies. Our gut is put under stress over Christmas (even though it’s all in the name of celebration), so by addressing your gut health you can help calm these symptoms. 

    Have a restful sleep 

      Quality sleep allows the body to reset and repair, and is equally beneficial when it comes to healthy, glowing skin. What does quality sleep look like? It’s getting about 7-9 hours of sleep a night so we get enough melatonin production and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. REM sleep is critical for the whole body to reset, and also recover and repair our skin which can look dark and dull when we haven't had enough.

      Illuminate your moisturiser 

      If your skin needs a little extra pep add some illuminator to your moisturiser for a gentle shimmer. Or, even better, choose a moisturiser with added illumination, like our Spray + Glow which also primes and minimises pores too.

      Accent those cheekbones 

        By using a highlighter around the orbital bone, that sun-kissed look comes into full effect, as the light will catch and reflect these points. If you don’t have a highlighter, you can gently dab some Pump + Glow instead! 

        Exfoliate regularly 

        No skin can glow without regular exfoliation – it’s like putting makeup over yesterdays makeup and expecting it to look amazing… Exfoliate every two to three days to remove dead skin cells clogging the skin surface, and let fresh new cells breathe. This means serums and moisturising products absorb more deeply and will leave the skin looking plump, fresh and luminous. Need a hand? Try Sleep + Glow) which uses fruit acids to gently exfoliate the skin overnight,

        Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

          Maintain your fluid intake, especially on hot (and busy!) days. This not only helps with energy levels and dehydration but helps keep your skin’s elasticity strong and give off that summer glow. But it doesn’t stop with water intake – give your skin hydration too with twice-daily moisturiser to keep it plump and (you guessed it!) glowing.  Try Pump + Glow with clinically-proven Pentavitin for 72 hours of hydration.

          Pencil in regular DIY facials 

            Doing a face mask is a great way to supercharge the skin with hydration and brightening ingredients. Whether it’s a ten-minute sheet mask or an overnight mask (like Sleep + Glow), these intense treatments are a sure way to make the skin feel plump and luminous. 

            Incorporate Vitamin C

              By using products that have vitamin C, you’re guaranteed to have glowing skin. Why? This antioxidant powerhouse brightens the skin, speeds up collagen production and evens out skin tones. Our fave is Australia’s own superfruit and most potent source of it: Kakadu Plum - which just so happens to be in   Superox-C™ , the clinically-proved wonder ingredient seen Pump + Glow and Spray + Glow.

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