5 ways to keep your skin hydrated this summer

Self-care can be neglected when the summer sun comes out to play (because our social calendar is filled to the brim, like a good cocktail), but it’s still important to keep our skin especially if we want it plump and with good texture. Drinking too much, excess sun and skimping out on SPF can result in dehydrated, aggravated skin, but here’s how to keep it in shape and hydrated all summer long. 

Switch off the aircon before you sleep 

It’s tempting to crank up the aircon on those hot summer nights, but try to resist the urge for your skin’s sake. Why? Having the aircon on all night removes moisture in the air and can lead to dryness. 

Cleanse and moisturise after swimming

Has your skin ever felt tight after a dip? Us too. That’d be the chlorine and/ or the salt which are both known to cause dryness – why it’s recommended to rinse off after a swim. Go one step further and cleanse your face too. By keeping it clean and hydrated, there’s less chance of sensitivities, irritations or breakouts from occurring. Use our  Cleanse + Glow, which tackles bacteria without stripping the skin of natural oils. 

Apply SPF sunscreen, always! 

This is an absolute no-brainer. There are so many benefits from SPF; It stops you from getting burnt (and the pigmentation/ potential skin cancer risks that follow); protects you from the sun drying your skin and also helps avoid premature ageing by protecting our skin from free-radical damage which (you guessed it) accelerates ageing.  Have this step on repeat, every two hours, especially after a summer swim. 

Add hydrating ingredients to your skincare routine 

Hyaluronate is a hydrating hero – think of it like a big drink for the skin that prevents water loss from the upper and lower layers of skin. It also helps keep the skin smooth and rejuvenated, which is why it’s one of our key ingredients in Sleep + Glow. After a long day out in the summer sun, mask on Sleep + Glow before bed to get a hydration boost as you sleep. 

Keep a refreshing face mist on hand 

We’re a fan of face mists all year round, but especially in summer. The warmer weather leaves the skin feeling tired and parched. Keep a face mist nearby for whenever you need a spritz of hydration. It’s refreshing, cooling and gives off that dewy glow. It can even help set makeup! 

We took misting to the next level with Spray + Glow, by adding Superox-C to this mix to brighten the skin and add glow, and Pentativin that offers up to 72 hours of hydration (which means plump, juicy skin all day long). It makes it the perfect face mist to use as a primer, illuminator and skin-refresher all summer. 

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