How to use



I’m a genie in a bottle. Shake and spray and you’re good to go – it’s magic.

So here’s how to use Face Cheat in place of your regular moisturiser. (And your illuminiser. And your primer. And your pore minimiser. And your anti-age treatment. And so on and on and on…)

If you’re after a subtle glow – shake Face Cheat well, hold 10cm away from your face, it’s probably a good idea to close your eyes, spray generously and smooth gently into the skin.
If you want an extra glow – shake well, spray generously into the palm of yourhand and apply directly to your face.

You may find that’s all you need and your skin looks perfect without makeup. Alternatively, use Face Cheat in the morning as a super fast primer before you apply makeup and when you’re ready for a mid-afternoon boost (we all know how 3:30 feels, am I right?) spray over your make-up for a quick fix, and an instant pick-me- up

Dewy glow? It’s a Cinch!