Your Customised Cinch Routine

Fine lines / Wrinkles for combination + oily skin

Great! You made it! Now, let’s talk about your skin. It’s combination-oily so you probably get a bit of shine throughout the day and maybe the odd spot if your skin is being really annoying. Plus, you also want to target fine lines and wrinkles – right? Well, we can definitely help with that. Check out our recommendations below:


Cinch Cleanse + Glow & Spray + Glow

The Plump + Smooth Set (AM)



In the morning your skin doesn’t need much, but it does need a refresh.  Enter: Cleanse + Glow. Yes, it cleanses as promised but will also tone and gently exfoliate (with a combination of lactic and glycolic acid) which is exactly what you want to keep the oil at bay. But the best part is, it won’t strip or unbalance the skin, which means it won’t overcompensate by producing more oil. All this, and you don’t even need to rinse! 


We know it can feel counterintuitive but oily-combo skin needs moisture too (because, err, oil isn’t hydration). The key is to use something that’s lightweight but still packs in big hydration so that skin is plump and fine lines less visible. Naturally we’ve got just the thing. Our OG product, Spray + Glow packs in clinically-proven ingredients like Floraesters to help reduce the appearance of pores, Pentavitin for 72-hour hydration (really) and our signature ingredient, Superox-C, a powerhouse antioxidant that protects the skin from environmental aggressors  while boosting luminosity and brightening the skin. But wait, there’s more: this super-lightweight hydrator also adds glow and primes the skin so you don’t need to load it up with any more product.



Did we mention that Cleanse + Glow takes off makeup too? Yep, it’s really that good. Just pump onto a reusable makeup pad (like the ones we have here) and wipe over the face, saying goodbye to dirt and grime too. All that’s left is that soft, clean feeling.


A mask… but not as you know it. Sleep + Glow also hydrates, smooths fine lines and exfoliates thanks to a roll call of impressive skin-loving ingredients. There’s Paw Paw enzymes with lactic and glycolic acid to gently dissolve dead skin cells without upsetting the skin barrier,and will also help products to penetrate better; Hyaluronate to then lock moisture in and plump up the skin, and clinically-proven Fucogel which reduces skin sensitivity, strengthens the skin barrier, helps with DNA repair and protects from oxidative stress. Simply pop it on 2-3 nights a week (working up to nightly use)  on fresh skin and watch it work its magic.

Cinch Cleanse + Glow & Pump + Glow