This Is What Acne In Your 20's Feels Like

This is your warning to leave now if you can't handle pimple stories! 🤢🤢🤢

Hey, I’m 24 and my skin is a mess. Cystic acne, dry and flakey eyelids, clogged pores? You would think I was a pre-pubescent teenager. 

It was a rude awakening when I left the world of puberty and my skin entered a journey of turbulence and inconsistency. We’re told promised that our skin will clear, our confidence will improve and we will transform into that beautiful butterfly when we hit our 20’s, but sadly, this wasn’t the case for me.

I understand that being a woman isn’t easy… we can all agree on that! My acne was the result of hormonal imbalances, contraception to control these breakouts and even prescription medication to help deal with skin damage. And trust me, I couldn't find a perfect skin care routine to save myself. This all led to decreased confidence and a daily routine of slopping thick, cakey foundation into my face to mask the blotchy red marks and white heads that tracked my cheeks, further clogging my pores and adding excess oil to my face. Am I beautiful? Not without make up…

This is when I discovered Cinch.

I’m being completely transparent… I started working at Cinch and was introduced to the products! I joined the team with scepticism of the skincare industry. I had tried it all and even resorted to concocting potions in my bathroom sink and drenching my face in apple cider vinegar to help balance my skin and create THE perfect skin routine. And still, there was no consistency in my results. I had almost given up.

I started using the Cinch Cleanse + Glow. It was SO easy to use – squirt it on a Wipe + Glow face pad and wipe away all that dirt and grime - no wash off required. I immediately felt a clean that I had never experienced before. My skin was genuinely sparkling (amidst those angry, red spots, of course). I followed the cleansing with the Spray + Glow to hydrate my face. Later, I added the Pump + Glow to my routine as a night time mask to ensure my skin was soaking in that extra TLC throughout the night. Within 2 weeks, I was astounded (remember, results don’t happen over night people!). I woke up and went to work WITHOUT make up for the first time in… ever. I felt glowy and yes, I was nervous, but I was confident and I was damn proud that my skin was finally cooperating.

It's been 4 months and I'm obsessed. I won’t lie. I still have my days… I sometimes wake up with a bump forming on my cheek and it’s a challenge to not force the bump to rupture and spread the bacteria. I’m a pimple-popper-holic, but these break outs are rare. what I’ve learnt is that cleansing consistently with amazing products (and leaving those pimples alone) is the best remedy. While Cinch wasn’t made to cure acne, it has definitely made a difference to my skin. And with any skincare, individual results may vary.


Brontë x


Written by Brontë Godschalk

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