These ingredients will help fight common skin problems

When your skin isn’t looking how you want, it can affect how you feel. Whether poor sleep, environmental stressors or hormone flare-ups are to blame,  seeing these issues present in your skin just makes you feel blah.  But with the help of these incredible ingredients we can turn that around and fight these three common skin problems. 

Brighten dull skin with Kakadu Plum 

Dull skin needs a healthy dose of vitamin C. This go-to antioxidant ingredient can brighten skin, speed up the body’s process to produce natural collagen and elastin and can even out skin tone with its brightening powers. Hello glowy and plump skin!  Luckily, we have the best natural source of it in Kakadu Plum. This native Australian superfruit has the most potent natural source of vitamin C of any fruit in the world. In fact, it’s 100 times more potent than oranges! This is why it’s a key player in  Superox-C™, the clinically proven ingredient seen in our products such as Pump + Glow

Kakadu Plum

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Treat dry skin thanks to Hyaluronate

Some people are born with a dry skin type, others find their skin dries with age. But environmental stressors such as the weather and hormones can cause dryness too. And that’s why Hyaluronate is a real treat to keep skin plump. How does it work? It distributes hydration evenly throughout the skin, prevents water loss from the upper and lower layers of skin. This keeps the skin rejuvenated and less likely to form deep wrinkles, plus hydrated skin smooths the appearance of fine lines. By applying Sleep + Glow before you sleep, it’ll do all the hard work so you dream blissfully about your fresh face when you wake! 

Hyaluronate swatch

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Keep spots at bay with Paw Paw enzymes. 

Exfoliators need to be hardworking but also gentle enough to not cause irritation. Enter: Paw Paw enzymes (instead of abrasive beads or grains) for gentle exfoliation. The enzyme called papain has natural cleansing properties that help clear skin of impurities and combat environmental aggressors that cause spots. By renewing the skin with its exfoliation process, it helps maintain healthy skin so other ingredients have the perfect foundation to do their work. That’s why it’s also in Sleep + Glow, so it can work in harmony with Kakadu Plum and Hyaluronate to fight off all scary skin issues overnight. 

Paw Paw fruit

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With these hardworking ingredients, you can fight scary issues without a rigorous regime. Why? Because with our multi-benefit formulas, you can do it with our Spooktacular Skin Set. This minimalist day and night routine includes our favourite anti-ageing, brightening products to fight off common skin issues. So give your skin a treat – there’s no tricks here. 

Spooktacular Skin Set

Spooktacular Skin Set contains:

  • x1 Sleep + Glow
  • x1 Cleanse + Glow
  • x1 Double Duty Pad (RRP $7.95)
  • x1 Spray + Glow

RRP - $107.80 SALE PRICE $85.95

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