In our series, the GLOW GANG, we talk to inspiring women doing incredible things. It's a hub for everyone to tap into - it may resonate, inspire, encourage or give you the new perspective you didn't know you were looking for. 

This week we spoke with the ladies from LADY-BRAINS, Caitlin Judd and Anna Mackenzie. The two best friends launched LADY-BRAINS in 2018 as a supper club for female entrepreneurs, and have since grown the brand to include a leading podcast, a brains trust mentoring program + much more for all female founders and founders to be. Whether you're thinking about starting your own thing, or perhaps you've already got your own business, we hope you can learn something from these two powerhouses.

We asked the girls about their journey through 2020 as well as their passions.

Caitlin and Anna, Lady brains! We're so excited to have you with us today. We've been long time fans. We'd love to start with getting to know what you are both passionate about?

We're passionate about helping young female entrepreneurs start and grow healthy businesses, and we do this by creating content that's inspiring and practical. 

We interview successful entrepreneurs on our top-rated podcast show, run female-founder mentor programs called the Brains Trust, and we're currently building a library of self-paced resources for early-stage entrepreneurs that will help them get ahead.

It's the real sh*t we actually need and can apply right away to our businesses!

Amazing, what an incredible brand. How you both see yourselves as changing the world?

It's a big ask! But we're here for it. We want to see more women start and scale businesses. If women created businesses at the same rate as men, it could add $5 trillion to the global economy (let that one sink in...)

Imagine a world where entrepreneurial women were armed with all the resources, tools and connections they needed to set them up for success! This would have a significant flow-on effect to families, communities, societies and economies.

This is our purpose, and it's what gets us out of bed every morning :man_dancing::skin-tone-3:

So inspirational and so needed for all the female founders out there. We wish Lady Brains was around when Cinch was launched. Now we all know 2020 has been a bit of a year, to say the least. How have you two coped and what is your best piece of advice for anyone feeling a bit lost at the moment?

Be kind to yourself and prioritise your wellbeing.

For so many of us, this is a period of uncertainty, struggle and even loneliness.

It's easy to dismiss how we feel because we believe others may be worse off, or we forget to prioritise our own wellbeing because we're too busy caring for others.

Take a moment and tune into what you need. It helps to sit quietly and and even ask yourself the question "What do I need right now that will positively impact my wellbeing?" Do you need a cat nap? Do you need to sweat it out? Do you need to FaceTime your Grandma? Do you need ice-cream with sprinkles?

While you may feel the pressure to 'get shit done' because of the all the perceived spare time we have, there's no point driving yourself into the ground. Just like your body needs rest to enable physical recovery, so does your brain.

One tip that really resonates with us is all about transitions. Due to living and working in the same space 24/7, we've lost the majority of our daily transitions. For example, when we get dressed for work in the morning, when we commute or when we pack up at the end of the day, these are all moments that allow our brain to rest. Pay attention to your daily routine and intentionally work these moments of transition back in. It will help you relax and slide from work mode to chill-out mode :bath:

We also suggest finding a virtual community of people you can talk to, and that share similar challenges. We have set up the lady-brains Facebook clubhouse for biz ladies. You can join here:

Love it. Allowing ourselves the freedom to rest is so important. Lastly, how have you both kept positive during 2020?

When we need a boost of positive emotions (if we're in a bit of a funk) we prioritise play and relaxation.

We take a bath, share a wine, play a game, bake a challenging recipe, hug each other (if you live in the same household), talk about our deep feelings, poke fun at each other, read, create, journal, dream. Find something that makes your soul happy.

We also lean into perspective. While right now, especially in Melbourne, life looks pretty shit, we remind ourselves of our purpose. We want to build a business that's going to have a significant positive impact on women right around the world. So we keep chipping away and chasing the dream.

You've got this <3

You can learn more about the Lady Brains business here. You can learn more about Caitlin here and about Anna here. You can follow their journey on IG here.

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