Gift guide for mums

When we cast our minds back to the trouble and stress we put our mums through growing up, it really makes us wonder why there isn’t a Mother’s Day every month. Between the teen hormones and the panicked phone calls (and literally every other single thing we did between ages 13 and 24) the most appropriate gift would probably be bestowing a sainthood – or at least a damehood. 

Unfortunately it seems Queen Elizabeth II isn’t just handing those out willy-nilly, so we’ve found the next best thing: Cinch Skin’s Gift Guide for Mums. From vitamin C skincare to swoon-worthy nail polish, you’re sure to find something that’ll go SOME way to saying thanks to your mum.

24/7 Glow Set

First cab off the rank is the crème de la crème of glow skincare, the key to luminous skin with minimal effort. The 24/7 Glow Set is everything your mum will need to lock down clearer, brighter skin and includes Spray + Glow, both of our award-winning moisturisers, Sleep + Glow Overnight Mask (featuring Superox-C) and three Wipe + Glow reusable face pads. All wrapped up in the cutest blush-pink Terry Bag. Phew! 


Mums are notorious for putting everyone else in the family ahead of themselves, which means Mother’s Day is the PERFECT time to pull the ol’ switcheroo and treat her to a massage. As well as that deep feeling of relaxation, a massage can also improve circulation, lower blood pressure and improve immune function. Plus, she’ll walk out of there feeling like she’s floating on air. Hmm, now we think of it, maybe we’ll get one for ourselves, too…

Nourishing Routine Set

If your mum’s always on the go and says things like “I don’t have time to pamper myself!” then we may have your perfect gift. The Nourishing Routine Set is exactly what our 2-step ethos is all about, with a simple, effective cleanser – you don’t even need any water – and a rich, creamy moisturiser. The latter, Pump + Glow, includes Kakadu plum, the richest natural source of vitamin C in the world – the ultimate in vitamin C skincare!

Fancy lunch

Here’s one for the mums who already seem to have everything: Time! Chances are there isn’t a physical gift in the world they want more than to spend quality time with you – although, if that quality time comes with a deliciously fancy lunch, all the better! Whether you get busy in the kitchen, order something fabulous in or go the whole hog and head for somewhere with crystal champagne flutes and crisp white tablecloths, you’ll both get a kick out of this gift.

Gift card

And if, somehow, you’re still not quite sure, you can never go wrong with a gift card. Deliver with the promise that you’ll tag along for the shopping trip, so you still get the pleasure of finding her something she truly loves. Funnily enough, we have those too! 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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