The Cinch Bag


Skincare bag, makeup bag, travel bag, bathroom bag – doesn’t matter what you call it - this little beauty keeps your skin essentials all together, making life a cinch. 

Made from Silicone not plastic, which is better for Mamma Earth and won’t degrade into micro fragments – making it safer for our oceans. 

It’s also durable, reusable and best of all, it’s dishwasher safe so you can forget dirty lipstick and bronzer stains. Cue hallowed, glowing angel choir - HALLELUJAH! - HALLELUJAH! - HAAALLEEE - LUJAAAHHH!

Take a moment if you need – We even amaze ourselves.

* Bag only. Product sold separately. This little beauty is for essentials only.  Overpacking it may cause the seal to pop! 

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