Come To Bed With Me Bundle

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Round the Clock Solution!

Why waste all those dreamy, sleep hours that could be invested into skincare – it's time to wake up to your new, illuminated skin!

This clever trio of multi-benefit products helps to give you salon skin without all the fuss... all while you're sleeping. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

Bundle Contains:

x 1 Cleanse + Glow 200mL/7.04 fl oz.

x 1 Sleep + Glow 80mL/2.81 fl oz.

x1 Wipe + Glow Pack

How to use this bundle


Apply a couple of pumps of Cleanse + Glow to your Wipe + Glow pad, then cleanse your face! You can even do it laying down in bed. It's that easy.

Now, apply Sleep + Glow to your face, neck and décolletage. Gently pat and evenly spread until it creates a light film. No need to rub in!

Sleep Tight! 


Remove your Sleep + Glow with your favourite cleanser (we think Cleanse + Glow is pretty good!)

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