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Think about Face Cheat as the Swiss army knife of skincare…
Could you use some hydration? A quick spritz of Face Cheat and you’ll look like you’re that person – the one who finds time for a facial when everyone else is knee deep in the punish of real life.

A little illumination? A one second spray and you’ll be glowing, girl.  Need a 3:30 pick-me- up? Forget chocolate and coffee. Face Cheat is an instant hit of gorgeous facial goodness in one convenient spray.

We might not be able to get you a date with a Hemsworth but we can do pretty much everything else, all in one clever little spray…

instant illumination that gets you glowing, not sparkling

72 hours of dewy heavenly moisturisation

a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles

minimisation of enlarged pores

smoothly primed skin, ready for perfect make-up application


Super hydration?
It’s a Cinch.