FACE CHEAT(ER) Cream Moisturiser + Glow (50ml)



I was never willing to cheat on my moisturiser, until I met you..

So here’s how to use Face Cheat(er) in place of your regular moisturiser. (And your illuminiser. And your primer. And your pore minimiser. And your anti-age treatment. And so on and on and on…)

Press gently on our ultra cool and really cute pump pack into your palms. Dab you’re your lovely face and smooth in! Boom – that’s it. Dewy, hydrated skin in one second.

You may find that’s all you need and your skin looks perfect without makeup. Alternatively, apply sunscreen and or makeup over the top for a flawless finish!

Want super dooper hydrated glowy skin before a big night out? Try patting a thick layer of Face Cheat(er) all over your face and leave for 5 minutes. Massage in any excess. This little beauty can double as a glowy face mask.

Face Cheat(er) wholeheartedly delivers 72 hr moisture, an instant glow, minimises pores, reduces lines and wrinkles and acts as a primer to help you make up stay on longer and look smoother.