About Cinch Skin

About Cinch

Let’s be honest…life’s complicated enough without having to worry about using a whole bunch of beauty products to keep that face beautiful.

Save your “to do” list for the fun things in life – pizza, champagne and bad reality TV – and let Cinch Face Cheat take care of moisturizing, anti-ageing, illuminating, pore minimizing and priming. All in one spray.

Cinch is all about keeping beauty simple, by cutting down on the time and the products you need to keep your skin looking amazing. Our products are quick and easy to use with multiple benefits, so that instead of using five products, you can now give amazing face using just one.

When you live in the fast lane – and who doesn’t, these days? - you need all the help you can get. So here’s your latest, greatest super secret life cheat. It’s like a good night’s sleep in a bottle.

Introducing Face Cheat. Quicker skincare. Longer-lasting hydration. Brighter glow. Less make-up. Smoother skintone. You’re welcome.

Streamlined beauty?
It’s a Cinch!