Self-Care on a Timer

How to Fit Self-Care into Your Busy Life

The thing about glorifying the hustle is that, well, it sucks. But hey, you know what doesn’t suck? Taking time for you.

Yes, yes we get it, no one has time for self-care these days. Between soccer practice and supermarket dashes, who's got the time? I am always searching for quick tips, hacks and shortcuts to get to my best skin, my best health and wellness. I need a self care routine that's quicker than whipping up microwave mac 'n' cheese. Bonus points if you can do it while you are standing next to the microwave!

Here are my top three tips for getting your self-care fix on a timer:

Gua Sha

Gua Sha, or simply using your hands to massage your face daily, is a game changer. This practice, rooted in ancient Chinese heritage, can transform your skin in as little as 30 seconds. Whether you're in front of your mirror, in your bed, or in your car (not while you are driving though obvs), this little piece of heaven can make a major difference and help with de-puffing, firming and brightening your skin AND it can be done literally anywhere. 

Do Your Skincare In Bed

Seriously, do your skincare routine in bed. The beauty industry is starting to get that we need practical solutions to suit our lifestyle (finally). Choose products like no-rinse cleansers and overnight masks. I keep my night routine set in the drawer next to my bed. This way, even when I'm tired and just want to flop into bed, I can still care for my skin. What’s in my draw I hear you ask? Well, apart from a whole heap of junk that just “gets hidden” in there, I've got a reusable wipe as well as my cleansing water (no need to rinse off, and it gives a perfect cleanse). Finally, my trusty Overnight Booster Mask lives here rent free too. I jump in bed, do the skin routine and finish up by wiping my hands clean with the wipe. Done in minutes! Consistent cleansing at night is probably the BEST thing you can do for your skin.

Meditate, Affirmations, or Breath Work

Hold up, I am serious. I might not be great at all of this stuff, but I'm consistent, and it has made a huge difference in my attitude, energy, and focus. I'm not talking about a 20-minute meditation session—just 3 minutes will do. Do things your way. I found it hard to stop and meditate, so I listen to my favourite affirmation every day after dropping the kids off. You can get it free here. I have now memorised it and say it out loud, and it has changed me! You could also set an alarm for a non-negotiable bit of breath work during the day or even just close your eyes and have some quiet time (try not to fall asleep, though, ha ha).

Final Thoughts

So, I challenge you to STOP GLORIFYING THE HUSTLE. It’s really hard to not get caught up in that narrative, but it really does suck. Take some guilt free self care time – it’s a non negotiable.  

Remember, it's about making the most of the little moments you have. So, next time you find yourself waiting for your microwave to beep, think of these tips and give yourself some much-needed love and attention. Your skin, mind, and body will thank you!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite way to fit self care into your chaotic day is...

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