Wipe + Glow – The Double Duty Set


FEATURING: x3 pink, double-sided face pads and a wash bag 

The lowdown: 

Party makeup? Clay mask? Drag Queen competition? There’s nothing too tough for these heavy duty face pads. On one side you have super soft fibres which are perfect for everyday cleansing and makeup removal, and gentle enough to use on delicate areas like the under eye. On the flip side is a textured fabric, for when you need to level-up your makeup removal. Ideal for removing masks, long-wear or heavy makeup it also provides a gentle exfoliation – it’s an overachiever like that.  Pair it with Cleanse + Glow for a double-duty cleanse delight.

The how-to: 

With the ability to be reused up to 200 times, it’s the ultimate in no-waste beauty. Use in place of your regular cotton rounds, and simply pump on some Cleanse + Glow, and wipe over the skin to remove makeup and cleanse. For mascara, use the soft side only. Apply the Cleanse + Glow, close your eyes and press gently for 10 seconds before wiping away. 

The care factor:

Simply rinse with warm, soapy water after each use and hang by the tag to dry. Once a week, throw them in the wash bag and into the machine – just hold off on the fabric softener. This big softie is soft enough.

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