The Cinch Compact


Say hey to our feel good merch! 

$5 from every mirror sold will be donated to Fitted For Work 

Cinch is all about increasing the confidence and self esteem in women around the world who haven't previously had the time or money to invest in self care. Our newest range, which is all about the feel good vibes, will serve your self-care in the form of treats, gifts and beauty tools. These Cinch keepsakes are perfect as a 'just because' gift to yourself, or those boss ladies in your life. Stay tuned for more!

The Cinch Compact is an easy to use, classy compact which fits right into your handbag/ baby bag/ clutch – or even your back pocket if you're not big on bags. Plus, we've even included a little message on the inside just to remind you of how awesome you really are. Consider us your compact cheerleaders – we're just here to pep you up (and dance around wildly together).

Made with vegan leather. There's no animal cruelty here!

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